St. George burglary suspect tells police he didn’t do it because he doesn’t normally try to steal while on meth

A St. George man whose fingerprints police say connect him to a burglary in the city said he didn’t commit the crime because he was high on methamphetamine that day and doesn’t normally burglarize or steal while on meth.

Police met the man Dec. 18 — the day after the burglary — when they responded to a trespassing report, according to a probable cause statement signed Thursday. He allegedly had multiple stolen items on him, and he was arrested on suspicion of multiple counts of theft, drug possession and possessing fraudulent credit cards.

Since he fit the description of the burglary suspect, police questioned him about where he was the day of the burglary. The man told police he spent Dec. 17 at a Motel 6, high on meth. The man told police he couldn’t have committed the burglary because he typically reserves his criminal behavior for when he’s high on heroin, according to court documents.

The Utah Crime Lab recently linked the man’s fingerprints to the burglary scene, court documents say. Police also said the man’s shoe tread matched marks left in the home’s yard and on the garage door, which was kicked in.

The man remains in Washington County jail.