Salt Lake Valley might have a white Christmas. Well, maybe white-ish.

Steve Griffin / The Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake City woke to a blanket of fresh show on Christmas Day Sunday December 25, 2016. There's no big storm in the forecast this year, just the chance of some snow flurries.

If you've been dreaming of a white Christmas, there's hope your dream will come true.

It’s not a sure thing by any means, but the National Weather Service is predicting a good chance of snow in the air — although probably not until after you’re done opening presents. And whether it will officially be a white Christmas as defined by the NWS — at least an inch of snow on the ground — is iffy at best.

Light snow early Monday across northern Utah is expected to taper off by mid-morning, according to the NWS. Little accumulation is expected, although roads will be wet.

A second storm is expected to begin Christmas Eve night and continue through Christmas morning. There will be accumulation in some areas — mainly above 5,500 feet elevation — but rain will mix with snow as temperatures top out in the low 40s. The precipitation will change back to snow in the evening as temperatures drop below freezing.

According to the NWS, Salt Lake City has had white Christmases more often than not over the past 90 years — but not that much more often. Between 1928 and 2017, Utah’s capital city has had an inch or more of snow on the ground on Dec. 25 a total of 49 times (54 percent).