A man was found dead Wednesday morning at a popular Millcreek park — wearing nothing but a single gold ring on his finger.

Police are now asking for help in identifying him, hoping that someone will recognize the unique piece of jewelry. It features a square design surrounding an inset diamond.

“We wish we had something more,” said Unified Police Sgt. Melody Gray. “But we’re hoping that ring is something.”

A man walking on a trail near Big Cottonwood Regional Park, 4720 S. 1590 East, discovered the body while chasing his dog into a nearby grove of trees at 7:30 a.m.

The dead man was not wearing any clothes and none were found nearby. He appears to be between 50 and 70, Gray said. He has mostly gray hair, a short white beard and mustache and a mole on his forehead.

There were no obvious signs of trauma; it’s unclear how he died. The Utah State Medical Examiner’s Office will perform an autopsy.

Detectives ran his fingerprints and found no matches in their system. There are also no reports of a missing person who matched the description.

“Officers have been all day walking through the nearby neighborhoods, calling hospitals, checking in rest homes,” Gray said, noting that they had “exhausted all leads” into determining his identity.

Anyone with information is asked to call 801-743-7000.