A case of teenagers harassing homeowners in the city is on its way to being resolved, according to the Centerville Police Department.

A day after posting on Facebook that a home in the southeast part of Centerville has been under siege because “for some crazy reason, teenage boys like to harass the nice people who live there” — shutting off power to the home and throwing water balloons at the windows late at night — the department posted that “a representative of those responsible for the harassment issue” had come forth “with information that will likely be helpful in resolving the problem. … We have been assured that the harassment will cease. … Going forward with the case we intend to handle it privately between those responsible and the victim.”

Earlier, Centerville Police said the harassment has been going on “way too long,” and it’s a “sad situation that we would like to help stop” and asked anyone who recognizes the teens or who knows anything about this to do two things: “First, tell those responsible to knock it off and grow up. Secondly, please contact us so we can help persuade them to knock it off and grow up.”