Georgetta, a baby giraffe born Monday at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, made her first public appearance Friday.

Georgetta was born Monday, Sept. 17, at 3:33 a.m., to Pogo, a 16-year-old giraffe. She was 150 pounds at birth, and over 5 feet tall, zoo officials said.

Pogo had Georgetta cleaned up, and the baby was standing up and nursing within an hour. By Thursday, three days later, she was 5′9″ and 163 pounds.

This is the third time Pogo has given birth, and it was a relatively easy birth, according to Melissa Farr, lead keeper in African Savanna. “Giraffes are pregnant for a really long time, so it’s something you anticipate and wait for and it’s finally here,” Farr said in a statement.

Another female giraffe, Kipenzi, has been helping out, leaning over, licking and cleaning Georgetta. The keepers have started calling Kipenzi “Auntie Kip." Georgetta’s father, Riley has shown interest — even though male giraffes do not participate in rearing their offspring. “He came right over to the chute and wanted to know what was happening,” Farr said.

Georgetta is named for a zoo donor. She’s the 18th giraffe born at Hogle Zoo since 1969. Pogo and Georgetta spent the first few days together bonding, and Friday will be the baby’s first public appearance — if Pogo allows it.