Kanosh’s assistant fire chief has been charged with raping a fellow firefighter whom he supervised.

Austin James Corry, 26, of Kanab, has been charged with two counts of rape, two counts of object rape, five counts of forcible sexual abuse and five counts of sexual battery in 4th District Court.

According to the probable cause statement, in 2015 Corry asked a fellow firefighter to help him with equipment maintenance. According to the woman, Corry “grabbed her, forced her to [lie] down” in the back seat of a firetruck, “forcefully pulled her pants down” and raped her despite her attempts to “push him off” and repeatedly telling him “no.”

In a second incident a short time later, the victim again “found herself alone” with Corry at the fire station and she was “pushed up against a vehicle and forcefully raped.”

In addition, the woman reported “numerous times” when Corry groped and sexually assaulted her.

The victim provided detectives with two cellphone recordings of recent assaults. According to the charging document, “You can hear the victim stating ‘no’ numerous times and saying she wanted to go home and telling [Corry] to stop. [Corry] did not stop and continue to object rape the victim.”

The document goes on to say that when Corry spoke to detectives, he “admitted to one occasion where she did not consent to sexual intercourse” and to “being told numerous times to stop while he was grabbing the victim’s breast and vaginal area.”

Corry was booked into the Utah County Jail.