Witnesses: Suspect in killing of WVC code enforcement officer said ‘the b---- got what she deserved’

(Photo courtesy Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office) Kevin Wayne Billings

The man accused of killing a West Valley City worker had “previous dealings” with her over code-enforcement issues at his home, according to a probable-cause statement.

And according to a witness, after the woman was killed, 64-year-old Kevin Wayne Billings said, “After 40 years of harassment, the b---- got what she deserved."

Billings was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Thursday on suspicion of aggravated arson and aggravated murder after police arrived on the scene to find code enforcement officer Jill Robinson, 52, dead in the driveway at 4102 W. Wendy Ave.

Code-enforcement officers are not armed.

West Valley City firefighters arrived at the scene about 10:20 a.m. Thursday to find that a neighboring home, at 4114 W. Wendy Ave., and a West Valley City compliance truck were engulfed in flames and that Robinson had been killed.

Witnesses reported to police that they saw Billings pouring what they believed to be gasoline around the truck and igniting it. The man whose house was on fire said he believes Billings targeted his home, and he reported hearing “what he thought were gunshots as well as an explosion coming from his basement.”

The man was in a detached garage when the fire began and was unharmed. At least two dogs were killed in the fire, which destroyed the home, West Valley City police spokeswoman Roxeanne Vainuku said. Officers received reports that several more animals were in the home during the fire, but investigators haven’t entered the home, because the building isn’t structurally sound.

Police said a large hole was cut in the fence between the two homes, and an assault-style rifle, a handgun, bolt cutters, a propane torch and and gas containers were located between the houses. Arson investigators said they believe that a deck in the neighbor’s backyard was “targeted” and was where the fire began.

Billings has not been charged with a crime.