South Salt Lake police arrested a man Thursday after, they say, he robbed an Uber driver and barricaded himself in a hotel room.

Officers took the man into custody shortly after noon, according to FOX 13, ending a three-hour standoff at the Ramada Inn at 2455 S. State.

The man offered the Uber driver an extra tip if he helped carry luggage up to his room, said Gary Keller, a spokesman for South Salt Lake Police. When both were out of the car, the man allegedly demanded cash from the driver and threatened him with a stun gun. Uber drivers are paid electronically and are not known to carry much cash.

When the driver said he didn’t have any money, the man took his phone, Keller said, and ran inside.

“He looked down at my phone and that’s when survival mode kicked in,” Lansing Reavely, the driver, told FOX 13.

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