Moose spends hours wandering University of Utah campus

A moose has been released into the Utah wildness after spending several hours wandering around the University of Utah campus.

University library spokeswoman Heidi Brett said the moose ate shrubs and meandered around a plaza adjacent to the library early Monday morning.

The moose did not do any damage or cause any injuries.

Riley Peck, who is a wildlife manager for the state, says the young bull weighing around 800 pounds likely wandered down from the nearby mountains looking for new territory.

Peck says state officials first received a call on the moose around 1 a.m. and were working to tranquilize and remove it by 7 a.m.

Wildlife officials had relocated the moose to mountains in central Utah by the afternoon.

Peck says the moose ran into the forest and seemed to be in good health.