Big Ed’s sign is back.

The red, white and turquoise blue sign was returned to the Publik Coffee Roaster’s location, 502 3rd Ave., in Salt Lake City on Friday.

“Someone just handed it to a customer in the parking lot,” Publik owner Missy Greis said.

Greis currently is remodeling the Big Ed’s location, 210 S. University St., to make way for a new coffee shop called Publik Ed’s. She planned to use the round Big Ed’s sign at the new shop, which is expected to open in July.

However, several months ago thieves peeled it off the brown brick.

Greis posted a photo of the missing sign on social media last week, hoping a good Samaritan would see her plea and return it.

It worked. And Joren Peterson, the building owner, “is pleasantly surprised.”

“I didn’t know if the (social media) post would be successful,” he said Monday. “But I’m pleased that people felt good about returning it.”

The sign’s return ends the latest mystery surrounding Big Ed’s — a hole-in-the-wall restaurant beloved by U. students since 1968.

One day last September, the mother and son who operated the breakfast, beer and burger joint placed a “Sorry Restaurant Closed” sign on the front door without an explanation.

Peterson has not heard from the operators since.

As for the Big Ed’s sign, it will be placed in a less exposed location in the future, Peterson said. “The tentative plan is to put it inside the restaurant.”