Big Ed’s iconic red, white and blue sign is missing.

Thieves peeled the round marker off the brown brick, said Joren Peterson, who owns the building at 210 S. University St. “It’s unfortunate that someone decided they needed it.”

Peterson hopes the theft — which occurred several months ago but was posted on social media Thursday — was just a prank by one of the nearby fraternities at the University of Utah and that a good Samaritan will return it soon.

“I’m sure it’s hanging in someone’s room right now,” he said. “It would be great to get it back.”

The sign’s disappearance is one more mystery surrounding Big Ed’s — a hole-in-the-wall restaurant beloved by U. students since 1968.

One day last September, the mother and son who operated the breakfast, beer and burger joint placed a “Sorry Restaurant Closed” sign on the front door without an explanation.

Peterson said he has not heard from the operators since.

The building is currently being remodeled to make way for a new coffee shop called Publik Ed’s. It will be the fourth store for Salt Lake City’s Publik Coffee Roasters.

Peterson said the new tenant had hoped to showcase the iconic sign when the shop opens in July.