You’ve become a national sensation — perhaps a pariah — after your racist tweet went viral. Your top-rated TV sitcom has been canceled. Your reruns have been pulled from schedules. You’ve been fired by your agents.

If you’re Roseanne Barr, what do you do?

Apparently, you go home to Salt Lake City.

On Thursday, Barr — who grew up in Utah and graduated from East High School — was seen in public for the first time since the scandal broke and her career collapsed. The London-based Daily Mail posted pictures and video of Barr walking in the 9th & 9th area of Salt Lake City, talking on her cellphone and smoking a cigarette while, according to the Mail, “hiding out in her home state of Utah.”

It didn’t altogether work, obviously. Approached by an unseen man with a camera, Barr tries to ignore him and continues to talk on her phone.

Do you regret your Twitter post? Would you take it back if you could?” the man asks. “Do you think your career has taken a big hit?”

Have a nice day,” Barr responds, adding, with annoyance, “I’m not going to talk to you except for to say — have a nice day. I believe in one law for all people, I love all people.’”