Cottonwood Heights police officer shoots man suspected of robbing 2 Sandy grocery stores

A man suspected in a pair of armed robberies in Sandy was shot Tuesday morning by a Cottonwood Heights police officer while attempting to flee.

The suspect is expected to survive,” said Sgt. Ryan Shosted of the Cottonwood Heights Police Department. “He’s in stable condition.”

The shooting, near 6700 S. 2200 East, followed armed robberies at a Smith’s and a Macey’s in Sandy. The first grocery store robbery occurred about 3:15 a.m.; the second about 6:05 a.m.

A Cottonwood Heights officer on his way to work pursued a man suspected in the robberies, who was on a motorcycle.

He tried to pull him over, and the suspect fled,” Shosted said. “A short pursuit ensued, and there were shots fired by the officer.”

According to Shosted, there is no video of the incident because the officer was on his way to work and was not equipped with a body camera.

Salt Lake City police are taking the lead in the investigation.