Rocky Mountain Power receives reports of scammers targeting Utah businesses

Local businesses on Monday reported receiving phone calls from someone pretending to be a Rocky Mountain Power employee, demanding payment immediately to avoid a power shut-off.

According to a news release from the utility, the scammers told businesses in Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden and Layton to buy a prepaid card and call and recite the card number.

The power company said it believes the phone number given by the scammers is purposefully similar to the company’s actual customer service number.

No customers reported paying the scammers, the news release said, but Rocky Mountain Power reminded its customers that it would never demand immediate credit card payment, either from a personal card or a prepaid one.

The company works with customers who are behind on payments to resolve the issue, it says, rather than turning off power. Its notices are usually handled via mail or an automated phone call.

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