2-year-old Utah girl dies after sibling accidentally fires gun in home

A 2-year-old Ballard girl was fatally shot at her home Sunday, when a gun that her older sibling was moving accidentally went off, police say.

The gun had been brought inside and was leaning against a wall in the home following a Saturday hunting trip, a news release from the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office said.

The victim and other siblings were cleaning up their toys when one of the older siblings started to move the gun from inside the house to another location.

In the process of moving the gun, it discharged, fatally wounding the girl, the release said. The girl’s parents took her to Uintah Basin Medical Center “within minutes” of the incident, where she was pronounced dead.

The investigation into the episode is ongoing.

“Our thoughts and prayers will be with the family of the victim as they go through this tragedy,” the news release said.