Racial slur shows up in University of Utah building

Vandals on the University of Utah campus spray-painted a racial slur over the weekend inside a building that’s under construction.

The vandalism occurred at the Carolyn and Kem Gardner building, which will replace Orson Spencer Hall, said University of Utah Police Chief Dale Brophy.

Police are reviewing surveillance video from the area and investigating the incident, he said.

The vandalism included spray paint and “some other things,” Brophy said, and racial slurs were painted on “an item” inside the building. He declined to give additional details on the damage in the building and what exactly was written.

The vandalism was not visible from outside the building, he said. A Salt Lake Tribune photographer could not find evidence of the vandalism from outside the enclosed building site.

Construction workers, who’d last been at the site Friday evening, reported the vandalism about 7:30 Monday morning, Brophy said.