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By Lindsay Whitehurst and David Crary | The Associated Press 24m ago

Andy Larsen: Who I voted for as the All-Star Game starters, and why

Andy Larsen By Andy Larsen 43m ago

Balancing the environmental and financial impacts of coal

By Rick Kazmer | Daily American 1h ago

Two Utah filmmakers are taking on the NFL over only broadcast recording of Super Bowl I

Julie Jag By Julie Jag 2h ago

Emma Marris: Here's a five-step plan to deal with the stress of climate change and become part of the solution

By Emma Marris | Special to The New York Times 3h ago

Here are 50 of the celebrities coming to the 2020 Sundance Film Festival

Sean P. Means By Sean P. Means 3h ago

Holly Richardson: LDS manuals need to get racist rhetoric out of them

Holly Richardson By Holly Richardson 3h ago

A daughter explores her father’s secrets, and his love of Park City, in Slamdance’s opening film

Sean P. Means By Sean P. Means 3h ago

Letter: Giani’s retirement was long overdue

By Gary Clark | The Public Forum 4h ago

Letter: Can’t afford to live in Utah

By Geoffrey A. Loebel | The Public Forum 4h ago

Letter: Sex education in Utah

By Mark Muir | The Public Forum 4h ago

Letter: There are honest people in the world

By John and Shirley Zidek | The Public Forum 4h ago

Letter: Taking defense money for the wall isn’t Democrats’ fault

By Gus Wheeler | The Public Forum 4h ago

Error in Sunday school manual could revive criticism against LDS Church on race

Peggy Fletcher Stack By Peggy Fletcher Stack 4h ago

Letter: One-way streets are not the answer

By Michael Baker | The Public Forum 4h ago

Letter: I wouldn’t let my child behave like Trump

By Marilyn Marshall | The Public Forum 4h ago

Letter: It’s time for universal background checks

By Edwin Rutan | The Public Forum 4h ago

Amid low unemployment, average wage for skilled trades in Salt Lake is now $20 an hour

Lee Davidson By Lee Davidson 4h ago

‘Going like wildfire’: Utah turned prudish while other states embraced risqué condom campaigns

Jessica Miller By Jessica Miller 4h ago

Maxwell scores career-best 24 points as Utah women crush Colorado 84-69

By Combined news services 11h ago