The First Amendment Society

The First Amendment Society is made up of dedicated, generous individuals who believe that the free press is vital to the health of our community, our state and our democracy. First Amendment Society members pledge to donate at least $1,000 each year for a minimum of three years.

Interested in joining? Donate here or contact The Tribune’s Development Director, Jessica Sweeney, jsweeney@sltrib.com.

Lifeline ($10,000/year donors)

Ben D.

Bruce and Diana Bugbee

C. Peel

Elaine Klein and Craig Wallentine

Frank-Ratchye Family Fund

John and Anne Milliken

Kanter Family Foundation

Deadline ($5,000/year donors)

George and Mary Hall

Greg Skordas and Rebecca Hyde Skordas

H.O. Whiteside Fund

Linda Leckman, MD

Randy Dryer

Headline ($2,500/year donors)

Angie Welling

Ashish Patel

Dinesh and Kalpana Patel

Ed Sweeney

Jonathan Ruga

Nancy and George Melling

Patricia and Robert Bayer

Robert Rolfs

Ronna Cohen and Stan Rosenzweig

Sheryl Scott

Byline ($1,000/year donors)

Andrew and Claire Bjelland


Art Lipson and Rochelle Kaplan

Bob and Sally Schramm

Brad and Lisa Crandell

Bruce and Diana Juhlin

Carl and Vanessa Laurella

Ciel Hunter

Cook-Scholnick Fund

David Bennett

Dave Patel

Dick and Susan Rosetta

Erin Laney Barr

Erik & Kristin Olson

Francoise Hibbs

Fraser Nelson

Fred Esplin

Garry Blake and Karen Winslow-Blake

Gary Harding

Gary G. Sackett and Toni Marie Sutliff

Ginny and Gerry Rothstein

Gerald R. and Virginia S. Rothstein

Glenn Ricart and Patricia Guenther

Holly Mullen

Howard and Ray Grossman Charitable Fund

James E. Shelledy

James Roberts

James Scott

Jane and Kim Blair

Jean M. Lown and W. Bryan Dixon

Jerry Borrowman

Jones Waldo / Parsons Behle & Latimer

Kristen Carroll, MD

Mary Corporon

Mark Miller and Renai Bodley Miller

Michael H. Bourne

Nancy Melich and Lex Hemphill

Pat and Mac Dalgleish

Patrick A. Shea

Peter and Kathleen Metcalf

Robert and Linda Keiter

Steve Mecham

Salzberg Family

Sherri Devashrayee Wittwer and J. David Wittwer

Thomas VanWinkle

Tim and Amy Haran Charitable Fund

Tyler Riggs

Zac and Lauren Selby

2020 Major Donors and grants

The Salt Lake Tribune is committed to transparency. Gifts of $5,000 and up to The Salt Lake Tribune may not be anonymous.

$25,000 and up

Facebook Local News Accelerator Project

James S. and John L. Knight Foundation (2-year grant 2019-2020)

Solutions Journalism Network

The Swartz Foundation

Walton Foundation

Wheeler Foundation

$5,000 - $24,999

Adobe Employee Community Fund

B.W. Bastian Foundation

Barbara Watkins

Chris Peel

Community Foundation of Utah

Dell Loy Hansen Private Foundation

Facebook/Lenfest Institute for Journalism grants

Google COVID Relief Fund

Jaquelyn & Gregory Zehner Foundation

John and Marcia Price

Josh Kanter

JP Morgan Private Bank

Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation

Luzmaria Cardenas

Paris Hilton

Stewart Family Foundation

The Cumming Foundation

The Lund Foundation

University of Oregon - Agora Center

Willard L. Eccles Charitable Foundation

$1,000 - $4,999

Ada Wilson

Alan L. and Gayle M. Sullivan

Alice Philippi

Anonymous (11)

Ben Damstedt

Bill Child

Brent and Anne Wilson

Brian King

Bruce Bastian

Bryce Peterson

C. Kim and Jane C. Blair

Cathleen Zick

Charles D. and Mary C. Wintzer

Christian Kimball

Claudia Harris

Con Psarras

David Leta

David Parkinson

David Winder

Debbie L. and Matthew Sigman

Dixie G. and Robert Boyle

Dixie Huefner

Don Garner

Donald W. Alderman Charitable Fund

Ed Sweeney

Emanuella Terre Kenny

Ezra Thomas Jones and Debra Hummel

Fraser Nelson

Gabriel Ascending

George Macomber Family Charitable Gift Fund- GCM

Henry Hemingway

James Robinson

Jane Marquardt

Jay Stone

Jeffrey Hunt

Jerry Borrowman

Joanne Mcgillis and Mary Anne O’Connell

John Anderson- Exelon Foundation

John Chachas

John Francis

John Miller

Judd Werner

Karen Everton

Katherine R. McNamara

Ken Earle

Ken Smith

Kingfisher Fund

Kip Paul

Kody Wallace

Lee Austin

Lesser Family Charitable Fund

Lockwood Family Charitable Fund

Mark Rothacher

Nathan Hult

Nicole Handy

Nikki Bilodeau

Pamela Dropek

Peter Harvey and Barbara Cox

Quintin Foster

Richard Butler

Robert Lyon

Robert Steiner

Sandra Hasstedt

Schmidt Family Fund

Scott and Claire Glade

Sederberg Charitable Account

Steve Denkers

Sue Fisher

The Crandall Family Charitable Fund

The David and Sherry Kirchheimer Family Charitable Fund

The Keller Family Gift Fund

The MRT and OMT Charitable Fund

The Norman and Carol Foster Giving Fund

The Ritchie Family Charitable Fund

The Susan and Ross Collier Solidarity Fund

Tim Shea and Peregrine Schwartz-Shea

Tom Love

Trudy Simmons

University of Southern California Data Fellowship