Did Utah teens win $1 million on NBC’s ‘World of Dance’?

(Photo courtesy of Justin Lubin/NBC) Charity Anderson and Andres Peñate competing on NBC's "World of Dance."

Springville’s Charity Anderson and Andrés Peñate had a chance to win a million dollars on the finale of NBC’s “World of Dance” on Wednesday night — not bad for a couple of kids who just graduated from high school.

How did they fare in the competition? SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen the episode yet.

When each of the four acts in the finals — Charity and Andres; Michael Dameski; the team known as The Lab; and the team known as S-Rank — had performed twice and the scores from judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo had been totaled, the Utahns finished third.

The hip-hop team The Lab won the competition and the money, to be split among their 15 members.

“We're just super grateful for how far we've come,” Anderson — who was performing with a broken toe — told the judges. “We did not expect to get this far in the competition.”

“I don't know why,” Lopez said.

“You both deserve to be here,” Hough added. “You’re incredible dancers.”

As they have throughout the season, Anderson and Peñate received high praise from the judges.

  • “You compliment each other so well,” Lopez said. “It was a great routine. You have been the stand-out couple of the year.”

  • “You guys are so brilliant at your partner work … You are incredible dancers,” said Hough.

  • “You all are damn near perfection every time,” said Ne-Yo.

But it wasn’t enough to overcome the judges' scores for the winners.