Could television’s revival/reboot craze come to Utah?

Maybe — in the form of the 2002-06 series “Everwood.” Uberproducer Greg Berlanti, who had six series on television this season, told Variety that it’s a strong possibility.

I think it’s about schedules and finances and budget and, if we can get a budget to a [workable] place, I think that there’s a real shot that that could come back,” he said. “I think we just have to figure out what would be the best way to do it.

“But there’s nothing firm in place yet.”

Certainly, it’s revival-o-rama on television these days. We’ve seen the return of shows like “Roseanne” and “Will & Grace” (with “Murphy Brown” coming next season), along with reboots ranging from “MacGyver” and “Hawaii Five-0” to “Dynasty,” “S.W.A.T” and “Lost In Space.”

After the “Everwood” pilot was filmed in Canada, the production moved to Utah for the rest of the series — a total of 88 more episodes.

(Eric Liebowitz | The WB) Treat Williams as Dr. Andrew Brown, Gregory Smith as Ephram Brown in a scene from "Everwood."

As the series began, Andy Brown (Treat Williams), a renowned New York neurosurgeon, lost his wife in a car accident. He and his 15-year-old son, Ephram (Gregory Smith), and 9-year-old daughter, Delia, moved to the quirky mountain town of Everwood, Colo. — played by Park City, Draper and Ogden, primarily.

The series prominently featured a couple of faces that have become very familiar — Emily VanCamp (“The Resident,” “Revenge,” “Brothers & Sisters”) and, oh yeah, Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Jurassic World”).

(Courtesy Warner Bros.) Chris Pratt and Sarah Drew ("Grey's Anatomy") in an episode of "Everwood."

Well, nobody said the entire cast would return for a reunion. But pretty much everybody from the original cast, other than Pratt, has expressed interest in the proposed project.

What, exactly, that would look like is one of many questions that remain unanswered at this point. Would it be a onetime reunion? A miniseries? A rebooted weekly series? What network would it air on?

(The WB, the original home of “Everwood,” no longer exists; it was merged into what is now The CW. All four seasons of the original “Everwood” can be streamed for free online on

(Richard Twarog | The WB) Gregory Smith as Ephram Brown, Emily VanCamp as Amy Abbott in a scene from "Everwood."

And, of course, would the production return to Utah?

On all counts, it’s too early to say. But “Everwood” remains a passion project for Berlanti, whose current credits include “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” “The Flash,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “Black Lightning,” “Deception,” “Riverdale” and “Blindspot.” (And he’s got even more shows coming in the next few months.)

I’ve been really proud to work on a lot of things I’ve worked on since, but I think, probably, people that know this show probably know me better, in that way,” Berlanti said at a 15th-anniversary “Everwood” event at the Television Critics Association press tour in 2017. “It was very personal. … I think we all would love to work together again.”

Stay tuned. …