Actor Tom Sizemore denies sexually assaulting girl on Utah movie set; ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss calls his treatment of women ‘horrible’

FILE - This April 18, 2013 photo shows actor Tom Sizemore in New York. Records show that Sizemore was not supposed to drive a vehicle during the filming of a scene for the “Shooter” television series in which he ran over a stuntman, leaving him seriously injured. Multiple people working on the show told a workplace safety investigator for Cal/OSHA that Sizemore was not following the script when he drove the sport utility vehicle away from a shootout scene. (AP Photo/John Carucci)

On social media Thursday, actor Tom Sizemore denied he kissed and groped an 11-year-old girl in Salt Lake City. But the producer for the movie he was working on at the time says he did, and the actor’s ex-girlfriend says he’s a “disgusting” man.

Sizemore then apparently deleted the full denial from Twitter. However, some of his responses to Twitter users denying the basics of the accusations remained.

On Monday, allegations of Sizemore sexually assaulting an 11-year-old actress surfaced in the Hollywood Reporter. Cast and crewmembers shared their recollection of the 2003 incident, which got Sizemore fired from the film “Born Killers.”

According to a Salt Lake City police report obtained by The Tribune, the incident occurred while shooting photos for the film. During one set of photos Sizemore was kissing the girl. At one point he grabbed her head and moved it so that he could kiss her on the mouth. The girl reported this made her uncomfortable.

Shortly after, the two were taking photos in front of a prop Christmas tree. The girl said when she went to sit down next to Sizemore, he placed his hand so that she would sit on it. She moved away, and he followed with his hands, she told an officer.

When she sat down a second time, Sizemore curled his fingers and pressed them into her vagina through her clothing, described as a sleeper, according to the report. She then got up and grabbed Sizemore’s hand, moving it away from her, she told police.

The girl told her mother as soon as they were alone, and the two later went to the police. A report was taken, but charges were not filed due to issues with witnesses and evidence.

As of Thursday afternoon, Sizemore’s account filled with his retweets of people offering him support and saying they believe he did nothing wrong.

Sizemore also offered an explanation — for the deletion.

Since Thursday afternoon, Sizemore was inactive on Twitter and did not release a lawyer-approved statement. However, some working on the movie in 2003 have corroborated the girl’s story.

Catrine McGregor, the casting director, said the girl’s agent called her to report the alleged molestation. McGregor said she called the police, the Screen Actors Guild and the film’s producer.

“I said I was headed to the set to do Tom Sizemore harm, and he was gone when I got there,” she said.

McGregor said the allegations were an ongoing topic on the set after the rest of the movie shoot, and that there was no pressure to keep quiet about the abuse. But McGregor said there was a different Hollywood culture then.

“In 2003, Tom Sizemore was a big star,” she said.

Sizemore was arguably at the top of his career, having recently stared in “Black Hawk Down.”

“Those weren’t times where allegations like that where as easy to make as they are now,” McGregor said. “We all figured the police would do what they need to do.”

McGregor was a source in the Hollywood Reporter story, and she said it is a relief to have the allegations out in the public. She said the FBI called her a couple of days ago regarding an investigation into the allegations, but she declined to elaborate on that call.

McGregor isn’t the only person who worked on the film who believe the girl’s story. After posting about the story on Facebook, she received an outpouring of support from cast and crew members, she said.

“He is just sick,” she said. “He is a very sick human being.”

Sizemore’s ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss said she found out about the allegations Monday, when the story broke. She dated Sizemore from 2000 to 2002, after a stint in prison for tax evasion in connection with a prostitution ring she was running.

“Tom is just a whole other level with women — it’s just horrible,” she said.

Fleiss said she had never suspected Sizemore of being a pedophile, but she said he had a lengthy history of sexual harassment and a pornography addiction.

“I think Tom is definitely just so vulgar and disgusting with women, but it has a lot to do with drug abuse,” Fleiss said. “But the 11-year-old thing was just so shocking because I know him to be disgusting but not like that.”

Sizemore’s history with drugs and domestic abuse is well-documented among Hollywood and on his criminal record. McGregor said she knew about that history when casting him for “Born Killers,” but she said those were not unique problems in Hollywood.

“If you didn’t bring someone to a set because an actor did drugs, you pretty much wouldn’t have a set,” she said.

While the allegations of sexually assaulting a young girl eclipse that of Sizemore’s troubled past, Fleiss said she doesn’t dispute the young girl’s assertions.

“There’s a lot of things I guess I didn’t know,” she said.