Local whiskey news: Utah bourbon wins gold; High West releases new single malt

Salt Flats Spirits’ head distiller wanted Bonneville Bourbon “to be approachable by whiskey drinkers and non-whiskey drinkers alike.”

(Salt Flats Spirits) The award-winning Bonneville Bourbon is available at state-run liquor stores as well as at Salt Flats Spirits’ distillery in Salt Lake City.

Repeal Day is Tuesday, Dec. 5, and what better way to celebrate the end of Prohibition than sipping a glass of Utah-made whiskey?

According to RepealDay.org and Utah.Archives.org, Prohibition ended on Dec. 5, 1933, when Utah became the 36th state to ratify the 21st Amendment — enough to fulfill the requirement for ratification — which repealed the ban on the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol and restored the ability of Americans to have a lawful drink.

If you need an idea on how to mark Repeal Day, these three Utah whiskey producers have you covered, with two new options and one award-winning option to enjoy. Cheers!

Bonneville Bourbon wins top prize

Bonneville Bourbon, crafted by Salt Flats Spirits, won gold at this year’s USA Spirits Ratings competition, according to Forbes.

Every year, the Beverage Trade Network releases a list of its top-rated beer, wine and spirits for that year, and experts award each beverage a score between 1 and 100 points. Anything that receives a score between 90 and 100 wins a gold medal, and Bonneville Bourbon scored 95 points, Forbes said.

Named for the Bonneville Salt Flats, this whiskey imparts aroma notes of toasted caramel, sweet vanilla, ripe orchard fruits and cinnamon, with an undertone of charred oak, according to the distillery’s website. Thanks to Salt Flat Spirits’ aging process, Bonneville Bourbon has a “luxurious, buttery mouthfeel” that’s rich and smooth.

Salt Flats Spirits’ head distiller, Trent Moore, graciously answered a few questions from The Salt Lake Tribune about Bonneville Bourbon via email:

What were you going for as you were distilling this whiskey? What was your vision?

“My vision for this whiskey was something that would stand out from the massive market of bourbon whiskeys. In my opinion, a lot of bourbon packs a punch when it comes to strong flavors such as oak and char extracted from the barrel. I wanted this whiskey to be approachable by whiskey drinkers and non-whiskey drinkers alike.”

What’s special or unique about this whiskey and its production?

“Two things really set this whiskey apart from others. One, we blend older aged barrels with younger to a specific flavor profile that leaves the whiskey flavorful and smooth without being overpowering. Two, I use a significant amount of rolled oats in the mash bill, which I think adds a bit more body to the spirit as well as a slight berry characteristic on the back end.”

Can you describe the bourbon’s flavor profile? What might people experience when they taste it?

“The bourbon greets you with an aroma of vanilla, oak, and berry with a slight hint of corn. The taste brings forth a caramel sweetness along with the aforementioned vanilla and slight oakiness. A full body coats your tongue allowing the flavors to linger and finish with a berry fruitiness. Consumers experience a versatile whiskey that can be sipped neat, on the rocks, or in their favorite cocktails.”

The award-winning Bonneville Bourbon is available at state-run liquor stores for $26.99, as well as at Salt Flats Spirits’ distillery, located at 2020 W. Industrial Circle in Salt Lake City. For more information, visit SaltFlatSpirits.com.

High West releases new single malt

(High West Distillery) High Country, a new single-malt whiskey from High West Distillery, is now available in liquor stores.

High West Distillery in Park City is celebrating Repeal Day with the release of a new American single-malt whiskey called High Country.

Inspired by the single-malt whiskeys of Scotland, High Country is a blend of copper pot-distilled whiskeys aged three to 10 years and produced in the Wasatch Mountains, a news release said.

As for the profile, it is a multilayered experience that begins with “cozy aromas of warm croissants, bananas Foster, and white grape jelly on toast points,” the release said. On the palate, this whiskey flows “into flavors of honeydew melon drizzled with raw honey, dulce de leche, praline, shortbread raisin cookies, and tobacco, before a vanilla cream and maple syrup finale.”

High Country is available at the High West Distillery in Wanship, the High West Saloon in Park City, and in state-run liquor stores for $79.99. For more information, visit HighWest.com.

South Salt Lake distillery releases whiskey rested in wine barrels

(Hannah Schieving) Dented Brick Distillery's new Chardonnay Barrel Rested Straight Rye Whiskey is available only at the distillery in South Salt Lake.

Dented Brick Distillery in South Salt Lake has a new product: Chardonnay Barrel Rested Straight Rye Whiskey, which is aged for two years in new oak American barrels and then rested for 18 more months in a former-fill chardonnay barrel from Hell’s Canyon Winery in Idaho, according to a news release.

The result marries the robust flavors of the straight rye with subtle notes from the chardonnay.

“This might be the best thing we’ve ever made,” said Marc Christensen, owner and CEO of Dented Brick Distillery, in a statement.

The single-batch spirit gets its amber hue from the extended aging process, the release said, and every bottle includes handwritten notes, such as the type of barrel the liquid rested in and the bottle number.

Chardonnay Barrel Rested Straight Rye Whiskey is available on a first-come, first-served basis only at the Dented Brick Distillery retail store, located at 3100 S. Washington St. in South Salt Lake. Each bottle is $59.99, and there is a limit of two bottles per customer. For more information, visit DentedBrick.com.