Check out these 15 bars in one Salt Lake City block

Looking for something quiet and sophisticated? Or something loud and boisterous?

(Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune) The bar at Quarters Arcade Bar, 5 E. 400 South in Salt Lake City Thursday, March 22, 2018.

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If you’re in a new place and you’re looking for a good bar, the usual procedure is to find the one in your neighborhood.

If it’s good, you’re set for as long as you live there. If it’s bad, maybe you’ll talk to somebody who can tell you where the good bars are.

And if there’s more than one in your neighborhood, there’s the chance to sample all of them, and see which one fits your vibe.

Do you like quiet and sophisticated? Loud and boisterous? A martini bar? A wine bar?

A sports bar, where the beer comes in cans from national companies? A beer snob place, with a couple dozen IPAs, lagers, pilsners and stouts on tap?

In downtown Salt Lake City, one city block — between 300 South and 400 South, between Main and State streets — contains 15 different bars. And they cater to a broad spectrum of tastes, in both liquor offerings and atmosphere. If you want to bar-hop your way to finding the perfect bar for you, this is a good area to start, and then you can build out your personal bar experiences from here.

Here are the 15 bars, starting on 300 South and walking (as the map goes) counter-clockwise.

• Junior’s, 30 E. 300 South • Old-school beer bar, with jazz and blues.

• Cheers to You, 315 S. Main • Dimly lit dive bar, in the best way.

• London Belle Supper Club, 321 S. Main • Small, intimate, with a fine-dining menu.

• Whiskey Street, 323 S. Main • Great whiskey selection (naturally).

• White Horse, 325 S. Main • Brick walls, craft cocktails, massive liquor selection.

• Bodega and The Rest, 331 S. Main • Tavern in front, speakeasy in back.

• Twist Bar & Bistro, 32 E. Exchange Place • Upscale bar, large patio outside.

• Alibi Bar & Place, 369 S. Main • Pleasantly funky; dance floor busy on weekends.

• Quarters Arcade Bar, 5 E. 400 South • Vintage arcade video games and pinball machines.

• The Green Pig, 31 E. 400 South • Sports bar, with TVs all over.

• The Jackalope Lounge, 372 S. State • Hipster bar, but in a good way.

• The Chakra Lounge, 364 S. State • Pool, pinball and darts.

• Shades on State, 366 S. State • Brewpub plus cocktails and tapas.

• International Bar, 342 S. State • Nightly music, ranging from jazz to EDM to goth.

• Sayonara, 324 S. State • Japanese-inspired bar, new to the scene.