New Ogden’s Own Distillery will boost vodka and whiskey production tenfold

Ogden’s Own Distillery, the makers of Five Wives Vodka and Porter’s Whiskey, has opened its new distillery, allowing for a tenfold boost in production.

“We’ve evolved from a two-person startup conceived on a hope and a prayer a decade ago to a multimillion-dollar operation,” President Steve Conlin said in a statement, “and with that has come a sense of responsibility to both serve and reinvest in our local community that helped us get here.”

The new facility is located at 615 W. Stockman Way in the historic stockyard area near Ogden’s 24th Street. It’s a burgeoning hub — dubbed the Ogden Business Exchange — and is home to Roosters B-Street canning and brewery as well.

Besides the distilling area, the Ogden’s Own building also has a retail shop, an outdoor amphitheater and a bar, which will allow guests to sample products made on-site.

The company hopes to use the amphitheater to host events — once the coronavirus subsides, and social gatherings again are allowed.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has dramatically impacted the food and beverage community across Utah, Conlin said Ogden’s Own pledged to donate 100% of its profits made during March and April to various community-focused funds to support bartenders, chefs and service workers.

It also is one of a number of Utah distilleries producing hand sanitizer for first responders, medical facilities, businesses and residents.

Ogden’s Own launched in 2009 with Underground Herbal Spirit. Not long afterward, it produced its most well-known spirit, Five Wives Vodka, which pokes fun at Utah’s polygamist past.

Its present portfolio includes Madam Pattirini, a small-batch gin, and a line of flavored whiskeys named after one of Utah’s most notorious historical figures, Orrin Porter Rockwell, a gunslinger who served as a bodyguard to early Mormon leaders Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.