‘Utah Booze News’ podcast: Liquor stores cut hours, bars close and restaurants reinvent themselves in the age of the coronavirus

(Matt Canham | The Salt Lake Tribune) The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has instituted social distancing plans, limiting the number of customers allowed inside. That's why lines are seen outside of Utah's liquor and wine stores.

Liquor stores have shorter hours, distilleries are making hand sanitizer, bars are closed and restaurants are reinventing themselves in the age of the coronavirus.

In the latest episode of “Utah Booze News,” Michele Corigliano, executive director of the Salt Lake Area Restaurant Association, shares how the hospitality industry is dealing with the pandemic, whether it’s safe to order takeout and how everyone can help.

The Tribune’s Kathy Stephenson and FOX 13′s Ben Winslow also recap the big alcohol bill approved recently by the Legislature. It allows residents legal — but limited — bootlegging for the first time in modern history.

Finally, get details on how to sign up for Utah Eats — a newsletter to help you navigate grocery stores, restaurants, liquor stores and more during the health crisis.

The podcast was recorded using an online meeting platform — we’re all working from home, after all — so it may sound a little different. You can listen here.

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