‘Utah Booze News’ podcast: Speak up if you want better wine in the liquor store; and high-alcohol beer is coming soon

Utah Booze News

How do foreign wines end up in Utah’s state-run liquor stores?

In the latest episode of the “Utah Booze News” podcast, Stephanie Cuadra, owner of Terrestoria Wine Imports, explains the process and tells consumers that it’s time to speak up if they want the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to put more wine on the shelves.

Salt Lake Tribune reporter Kathy Stephenson and FOX 13′s Ben Winslow also talk about the latest beer awards and recap the first meeting of the Beer Availability Work Group — which is monitoring the state’s move to higher-alcohol beer in grocery and convenience stores.

Listen to the podcast here.

Before the beer switch happens Nov. 1, there’s a possibility that retail shelves could see a dwindling supply of brews. Consumers who see empty shelves are encouraged to take a photo and share it with Stephenson or Winslow on social media.

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