Update • Inspectors with the Salt Lake County Health Department allowed this eatery to reopen on Oct. 29.

Oct. 22 • The So Foods delicatessen inside the Chinatown Supermarket, 3390 S. State, was shut down Monday, after health inspectors found mold in the dishwasher, fly strips stored above food and pesticides in the kitchen.

According to a notice on the Salt Lake County Health Department website, the South Salt Lake eatery was cited for more than 30 health code violations, including several that were deemed critical to human health.

So Foods will remain closed until the owners can fix problems and inspectors say it is safe for the public. The Chinatown Supermarket remains open.

Among the problems found by inspectors in the delicatessen:

• Dirty utensils.

• Single-use items stored on the floor; and single-use items being reused.

• Raw meat stored above ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler.

• Raw eggs, custard desserts and meat being kept on the counter at temperatures that are too high.

• Duck, barbecue pork and Hawaiian musubi (ham and rice) in the display basket at the front of the store not being held at a hot enough temperature.

• A chemical spray bottle not labeled with the common name.

• Chemicals stored next to food equipment.

Clarification: This story has been updated to show that it was the restaurant inside the Chinatown Supermarket was closed. The market remains open.