Cafe Trio Park City closes after just 18 months in business

Cafe Trio Park City closed its doors recently, about 18 months after opening in Kimball Junction.

Owner Mikel Trapp is not sure why the popular restaurant chain — which has two successful locations in the Salt Lake Valley — didn’t work in Park City. But he has a few theories.

One is the Park City employee pool, which is more seasonal than Salt Lake City; as a result, it’s more difficult to find long-term employees. Additionally, the Park City market is extremely competitive.

Trapp expressed disappointment that the location didn’t pan out, especially because so many employees depended on the work. But in closing the location, at 6585 N. Landmark Drive, he tried to ensure the majority of the Park City employees could relocate to Trio’s other locations.

As for future endeavors, Trio and its affiliated restaurant Current Fish and Oyster have made a bid to open a location at the Salt Lake International Airport, now under construction. If they succeed, the new site would join the Salt Lake City and Cottonwood Heights locations.