South Salt Lake changes its liquor laws to attract breweries, distilleries

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Ryan Miller, owner of SaltFire Brewing Co., in South Salt Lake Sunday December 3, 2017.

South Salt Lake approved a series of liquor law changes that could attract more breweries, distilleries and wineries and ultimately revitalize certain portions of the city.

The City Council unanimously approved the changes, 6-0, during its meeting Wednesday.

Under the changes, South Salt Lake no longer has a quota on the number of breweries within city limits. Previously, it allowed only one for every 10,000 residents. With two breweries, it had already met the cap.

In addition, small brewers no longer have to meet a five-barrel production minimum.

Brewers and other alcohol manufacturers who buy or lease old buildings and warehouses now will be able to choose the type of upgrades they make to their building. Among the four options: installing front-facing windows, architectural features, security cameras or making interior renovations.

Previously, windows and architectural features were mandatory, which often is difficult to do with warehouse and industrial structures. Alcohol manufacturers still must meet all fire and handicapped accessibility requirements. They also must install pedestrian lighting and landscaping, city officials said.

Finally, the council also repealed two outdated sections of city code — restaurants no longer have to report gross sales to the city and work permits are no longer required for those selling alcoholic beverages.