After 15 years running the uber-succesful Nitro Circus action sports entertainment franchise, founder Jeremy Rawle was ready for a new challenge.

“Whiskey seemed like the right thing to dive into,” said the 47-year-old Salt Lake City native who recently launched Black Feather Whiskey with his longtime business partner, action-sport legend Travis Pastrana.

“If [director Francis Ford] Coppola could build a wine company, I can build a whiskey company,” he said.

A blend of American bourbons from Indiana and Kentucky — and bottled in Houston — Black Feather has a smooth sweetness from corn and barley and a nutty bite from rye. Aged in oak barrels, it has a rich smoky flavor with undertones of toasted cereal.

Currently the whiskey is sold in Texas and Utah. The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has initially placed it in select stores in Salt Lake City, Murray, Riverton, Sandy, West Valley City, Cedar City, Hurricane and St. George.

A 750ml bottle, with a crow on the label, sells for $30.31. Rawle said he chose the black-feathered bird for its intelligence and because it symbolizes the future and destiny.

Several Utah bars and restaurants also have it in stock for cocktails, including the Tinwell, Water Witch, Manoli’s and Cannella’s.

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