Scott D. Pierce: Here are three dozen LDS movies and documentaries you can stream for free

(Image courtesy of Maddy Purves) Maddy Purves (left) and Zoie Young are the co-directors of "Same Sex-Attracted," which is streaming on Tubi.

Has the Pioneer Day holiday got you thinking about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? One way or the other?

Well, there are more than three-dozen movies and documentaries with LDS ties that you can stream right now. For free. No strings attached. On Tubi TV.

What is Tubi TV? It’s a streaming service — tubitv.com — that has tens of thousands of movies, documentaries and TV shows. It’s legal. You can set up an account or watch as a guest.

If there’s a catch, it’s that Tubi is ad supported — which means there are commercials every 15 minutes or so. It’s sort of like commercial broadcast TV, only you choose what you want to watch when you want to watch it.

Fox bought Tubi last year for $440 million, and it has more than 30,000 titles. Including at least 37 that are LDS-related, in one way or another. The offerings range from church-produced documentaries to inspirational films to comedies, and there’s a documentary about members of the LGBTQ community at BYU and four movies (including a trilogy) about male missionaries falling in love with other men.

“America’s Choir — The Story of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir” (2004) • Church-made documentary.

“American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith” (1999) • This documentary first aired on PBS.

“16 Stones” (2014) • In 1838, a young blacksmith angry that anti-Mormon raiders killed his mother goes looking for one of the glowing stones used by the Jaredites in the Book of Mormon.

“American Mormon” (2005) • This comedy/documentary looks at misconceptions about Latter-day Saints.

“Belle and the Beast: A Latter-day Tale” (2007) • A young LDS woman clashes with a beastly millionaire.

“Charly” (2002) • LDS guy falls for a non-LDS woman.

“Child Bride of Short Creek” (1981) • TV movie loosely based on the 1953 raid carried out against polygamists in Hilldale and Colorado City.

| courtesy LDS Film Festival Students and a teacher escape a hostage situation in an elementary school in a scene from "The Cokeville Miracle."

“The Cokeville Miracle” (2015) • Movie based on a 1986 hostage crisis at a Wyoming elementary school where most of the kids are LDS.

“Down and Derby” (2005) • This dopey pinewood derby comedy isn’t overtly LDS, but it was shot in St. George and is sort of Mormon-ish.

“Emma Smith: My Story” (2008) • Biographical drama about Joseph Smith Jr.’s first wife.

“Ephraim’s Rescue” (2013) • Based on the true story of a man who rescued a handcart company.

“The Errand of Angels” (2008) • A young woman struggles on her mission to Austria.

“The Falls” (2012) • Two male missionaries fall in love with each other.

“The Falls: A Testament of Love” (2013) • Five years after they fell in love on their mission, two young men reunite.

“The Falls: Covenant of Grace” (2016) • The two former missionaries who fell in love with each other make plans to be together.

(Photo courtesy Purdie Distribution) Willard Bean (Dave McConnell, left) and his wife, Rebecca (Cassidy Hubert) arrive in Palmyra, N.Y., in 1915, and face hostility from anti-Mormon neighbors, in a scene from the movie "The Fighting Preacher."

“The Fighting Preacher” (2019) • A missionary couple faces opposition, and the husband enters to boxing ring.

“Freetown” (2015) • Fact-based movie about two missionaries caught in the Liberian civil war.

“Just Let Go” (2015) • A Utah man struggles with anger after a drunk driver kills his wife and two children. It’s based on the true story of an LDS man, although the movie obscures (even changes) his religious affiliation.

“The Last Descent” (2016) • This inspirational film is based on the story of a man trapped in the Nutty Putty Cave, west of Utah Lake, in 2009.

“Latter Days” (2003) • A male missionary and a West Hollywood party boy fall in love.

“Meet the Mormons” (2014) • The LDS Church produced this movie, back when it calling its members “Mormons” was still preferred.

“Mobsters and Mormons” (2005) • A mobster in the witness protection program is sent to Utah in this comedy.

“The Mormons” (2015) • This documentary about the church’s history is told from the perspective of ex-Mormons.

“Once I Was a Beehive” (2015) • Comedy about a teenage girl at a summer camp.

“One Man’s Treasure” (2009) • Missionaries find a journal that sends them on a treasure hunt.

“Out of Liberty” (2019) • Fact-based movie about Joseph Smith being held prisoner at Liberty Jail.

“Passage to Zarahemla” (2007) • Based on Chris Heimerdinger’s novel, Utah teens are zapped back to Book of Mormon times.

“Saints and Soldiers” (2003) • This WWII film loosely based on events during the Battle of Bulge features LDS characters and themes..

“Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed” (2012) • This sequel features paratroopers who land in enemy territory, and also features LDS characters and themes.

“Saints and Soldiers: The Void” (2014) • This sequel features tank battles and LDS characters and themes.

“The Saratov Approach” (2013) • Fact-based movie about two missionaries kidnapped and held for ransom in Russia.

“17 Miracles” (2011) • A handcart company struggles to cross the plains en route to Salt Lake City in 1856.

Aubrey Jenson (Sarah Kent, left), a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, consults with the choir president (played by Rick Macy) about a major life decision, in a scene from the drama "Singing With Angels." Courtesy Candlelight Media Group

“Singing with Angels” (2016) • Fictional movie about a woman who joins the Tabernacle Choir and finds inspiration.

“16 Stones” (2014) • In 1838, a young blacksmith angry that anti-Mormon raiders killed his mother goes looking for one of the glowing stones used by the Jaredites in the Book of Mormon.

“Spirit of the Game” (2016) • Fact-based movie about missionaries who help the fledgling Australian basketball team prepare for the 1956 Olympics.

“Suits on the Loose” (2006) • Two delinquent teens escape a boot camp by stealing two missionaries’ suits and car — and then have to pretend they are the missionaries.

“Same Sex Attracted” (2020) • Documentary about what it’s like to be LGBTQ at Brigham Young University.