Scott D. Pierce: Somebody remind Apple TV+ that the Golden Globes are a joke

(Photo courtesy of Todd Antony/NBC) Ricky Gervais returns to host the Golden Globes on Sunday.

The Powers That Be at Apple TV+ are claiming that three Golden Globe nominations are “a true testament to the powerful storytelling that went into ‘The Morning Show,’ as well as all of our Apple Originals.”

You might think that those are the words of a Hollywood newcomer who’s hopelessly naive about these awards. But they came from Zack Van Amburg, Apple’s head of Worldwide Video, who joined the company after two decades at Sony Pictures Television. So, no that wasn’t naivete — it was the same deep cynicism that surrounds everything to do with the Golden Globes.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a joke. Not only are the journalism credentials of many (most?) members suspect, but they tend to vote based on which stars schmooze them at pre-awards events.

It’s not a secret. When Denzel Washington accepted a lifetime achievement award from them, he recalled how he won his first Golden Globe — hanging out with and having his picture taken with association members.

Why does this matter? Because claiming that Golden Globe nominations (or wins) are proof of quality is false advertising. Heck, winning a Golden Globe is a sign that the show’s producers have done the best job of cajoling (aka bribing) the HFPA.

No, I’m not one of “The Morning Show” haters — though there are plenty of critics who savaged the show. I thought it was … fine. But was it one of TV’s best dramas? Did Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon deliver two of the best performances? Nope.

However, they are both stars. And nothing impresses the HFPA members more than stars.

The only thing dumber than Apple TV+ claiming a Golden Globe nomination is a stamp of quality is claiming that nominations for “The Morning Program” are a testament to the “powerful storytelling” in “all of our Apple originals.”

That’s a whopper of a Hollywood lie. When a film wins an Oscar, does that mean every movie that studio released that year was good? Nope.

Apple is also making much of the fact that the nominations for “The Morning Show” make Apple TV+ “the first streaming platform to receive recognition from the HFPA in its launch year.” The only reason Apple TV+ got nominated so quickly is because Netflix and Amazon blazed the trail that made that possible.

I’m not saying the Golden Globes telecast on Sunday (6 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5) won’t be entertaining. Ricky Gervais is hosting, and he knows the whole thing is a joke.

In 2016, the last time Gervais hosted, he disputed reports that some nominated stars might skip the awards for fear that he would make fun of them. “As if film stars would stay away from a chance of getting a Golden Globe — particularly if their film company has already paid for it.”

And he added that Golden Globes are “worthless. It’s a bit of metal some nice, old, confused journalists wanted to give you in person so they could meet you and have a selfie with you, OK? That’s all it is!”

It was funny, because it was true. It still is.

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