Paramount will syndicate BYUtv’s ‘Dwight in Shining Armor’ around the world

(Photo courtesy BYUtv) Sloan Morgan Siegel stars as the title character in “Dwight in Shining Armor.”

BYUtv’s “Dwight in Shining Armor” is going international — and Paramount is taking it there.

The Provo-based television channel’s series will be distributed outside the United States by Paramount Worldwide Television Licensing and Distribution.

The syndication arm of Viacom-owned Paramount began licensing the show to international broadcasters this week at L.A. Screenings, an annual event that attracts 1,500 TV executives from 70 countries to Los Angeles.

“Dwight in Shining Armor,” which premiered in March on BYUtv, is a comedy/action/fantasy series about a teenage boy, Dwight (Sloane Morgan Siegel) whose life suddenly changes when he falls through a hole in the ground ... and lands on a princess (Caitlin Carmichael) who’s been magically slumbering for 1,000 years.

The kiss also triggers the awakening of a wizard and an assortment of villains — evil knights, ogres, dragons, witches, demons, etc. — who are all more than a bit out of place in 21st-century suburban America.

New episodes of “Dwight” air Mondays at 7:30 p.m. MDT on BYUtv; the midseason finale is scheduled for next week. Episodes 11-20 will air in the fall, and BYUtv has already ordered a second season.