Utah’s Haunted Hollow ups security after employee is groped

A haunted house attraction in West Haven has upped security after one of its female employees was groped by a customer.

Autumn Satterfield, who works in costume at Haunted Hollow, told FOX 13 that, over the years, she has been threatened, hit, spat on and most recently, groped.

“He just came up, grabbed my breasts and started leaning on me,” Satterfield said. "I shoved him to the ground, told him not to touch me ... and then he was out of there in the blink of an eye, essentially.”

In the wake of that incident, Haunted Hollow — located at 1550 S. 1900 West in West Haven — has amped up its security measures, said Maddy Stewart, who oversees security at the attraction.

"We all have walkie-talkies,” Stewart said. “I could walk through this thing with my eyes closed, like it’s memorized. If something does happen, which eventually it will, we can react quickly and efficiently and learn from the experience so it doesn’t happen again."

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