Many of my friends thought that President Barack Obama was the biggest danger to America. I demurred. I have long thought the biggest danger was/is a Fourth Estate that doesn’t hold all politicians to the same standards. Sadly, The Salt Lake Tribune doesn’t either.

Day after day and week after week, President Trump is lambasted by false narratives and outright lies. Democrats simply cannot get over his win. And they spend every waking moment trying to bring him down no matter the cost to America. I don’t think Trump is perfect, but he is doing his level best to make America great again.

America is making remarkable economic progress. Economic growth in just six short months has doubled what took place under Obama. Under his socialistic leadership and giveaway policies, no one really spent money, banks didn’t lend much money and no one truly invested money. Consequently, economic growth was an anemic 1.4 or 1.5 percent.

Socialism widely espoused by the left simply doesn’t work, and never has. One only has to look at Venezuela to see the end results. Let’s support our president, criticize when appropriate with facts, and allow capitalism to work its magic that made America great in the first place.

David W. Haughey