HB0298: Homelessness Services Amendments

✅ House Passed

February 6, 2024

✅ Senate Passed

February 27, 2024

✅ Governor Signed

March 18, 2024
This bill modifies provisions related to the provision of homeless services.

Summary: This bill aims to improve and coordinate homeless services in Utah by making changes to the existing legislation. It introduces new definitions, modifies the membership of the Utah Homelessness Council, and requires the Office of Homeless Services to report additional data. The bill also establishes goals for reducing homelessness, updates provisions for cold weather emergencies, and improves the availability and conditions of temporary shelters. Overall, the bill seeks to enhance the effectiveness, accountability, and support for addressing homelessness in the state.

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Full Bill Text: 

Available here

Attorney: Andrea Valenti Arthur

Fiscal Analyst: Josh Pittman

Legislative Actions

March 18, 2024Governor Signed
March 11, 2024House/ received enrolled bill from Printing
March 11, 2024House/ to Governor
March 8, 2024Enrolled Bill Returned to House or Senate
March 8, 2024House/ enrolled bill to Printing
February 29, 2024Bill Received from House for Enrolling
February 29, 2024Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
February 28, 2024House/ concurs with Senate amendment
February 28, 2024House/ to Senate
February 28, 2024Senate/ received from House
February 28, 2024Senate/ signed by President/ returned to House
February 28, 2024Senate/ to House
February 28, 2024House/ received from Senate
February 28, 2024House/ signed by Speaker/ sent for enrolling
February 27, 2024Senate/ 2nd Reading Calendar to Rules
February 27, 2024Senate/ Rules to 2nd Reading Calendar
February 27, 2024Senate/ 2nd & 3rd readings/ suspension
February 27, 2024Senate/ passed 2nd & 3rd readings/ suspension
February 27, 2024Senate/ to House with amendments
February 27, 2024House/ received from Senate
February 27, 2024House/ placed on Concurrence Calendar
February 20, 2024Senate Comm - Substitute Recommendation
February 20, 2024Senate Comm - Amendment Recommendation
February 20, 2024Senate Comm - Favorable Recommendation
February 20, 2024Senate/ comm rpt/ substituted/ amended
February 20, 2024Senate/ placed on 2nd Reading Calendar
February 20, 2024LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor
February 20, 2024LFA/ fiscal note publicly available
February 14, 2024Senate/ to standing committee
February 7, 2024Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced)
February 6, 2024House/ 3rd reading
February 6, 2024House/ substituted
February 6, 2024House/ floor amendment
February 6, 2024House/ passed 3rd reading
February 6, 2024House/ to Senate
February 6, 2024Senate/ received from House
February 5, 2024House/ comm rpt/ substituted
February 5, 2024House/ 2nd reading
February 2, 2024House Comm - Substitute Recommendation
February 2, 2024House Comm - Favorable Recommendation
January 30, 2024House/ to standing committee
January 18, 2024House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst
January 16, 2024House/ received bill from Legislative Research
January 16, 2024House/ 1st reading (Introduced)
January 15, 2024Bill Numbered but not Distributed
January 15, 2024Numbered Bill Publicly Distributed

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