Reporters can be close to the locker room, and they can know a lot about what goes on inside it. But there’s nothing like being inside it.

Derrick Favors, the Jazz’s longest-tenured member, is inside the locker room, and for the first time on the Weekly Run podcast, he gives insight from a player perspective. We dive into a lot: life in Utah, dealing with injuries, blocking out trade rumors, and why he gets no love for his dunks. But for a piece de resistance, Favors talks about his enduring passion: hip-hop.

Here’s a rundown for this jam-packed episode:

At 2:00 • What’s it like to be on a team that’s on a winning streak? Derrick tells us about going 11 straight.

At 4:35 • Why it’s hard to get love for dunks as a big man (and why you get killed for getting dunked on).

At 6:55 • We ask Derrick to take responsibility for a great personal injustice he committed (unknowingly) when he was at Georgia Tech. Plus, he talks about being a one-and-done.

At 11:10 • What is it like being traded as a rookie? And how has Derrick adjusted to life in Utah?

At 18:15 • Derrick talks about his injuries and dealing with the frustration of physical limitations.

At 20:20 • How hard is it to block out trade rumors when you’re playing? We also discuss Derrick’s cryptic tweets — and how they’re interpreted.

At 25:45 • What about being a Jazzman for life?

At 27:00 • An exciting new segment: Reading Tony’s text messages on air.

At 28:05 • Derrick and Tony finally air their hip-hop discussions for the public record. Derrick talks about his music tastes and his favorite rappers.

At 41:15 • Wrapping up and talking about how basketball players have interests outside of the game.

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