Happy Valentine’s Day. We are celebrating with a scintillating basketball game between the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night.

But wait — the Jazz are winners of 10 straight games, the most for the franchise since 2009. Amid a season where so much went wrong early, where did Utah go right?

We discuss on “Weekly Run,” the Tribune’s podcast about the Utah Jazz. We’re also talking about the new pieces Utah has added and what’s coming up for All-Star weekend. Here’s a breakdown:

At 2:50 • Wait, the Jazz are the hottest team in the NBA? How has that happened?

At 5:50 • Rudy Gobert is a huge fan of Rudy Gobert.

At 7:10 • What do the Jazz need to do to make the NBA playoffs for a second straight year?

At 17:20 • A discussion of our favorite 3-point shooters and dunk contest dunks in All-Star history.

At 22:00 • How can Donovan Mitchell win the dunk contest?

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