Keisha White was a West High freshman when she tracked a deep fly ball in the outfield, leaped backward, cleared the home-run fence and made the spectacular grab that put her on SportsCenter.

She still hears about it all the time two years later.

That means her sister does, too.

“I heard about it all of that season and all of the next season,” West senior Brianna White says, grinning and rolling her eyes slightly.

“That’s my one thing that I can always hold over her head,” Keisha replies with a laugh. “We play the same sports, but she gets all-state in everything and I don’t. That’s the one thing I have over her.”

“It’s not even that big of a deal,” Brianna fires back. “I did the same thing last year! Mine wasn’t as glorious as hers though. Mine wasn’t on camera. So whatever …”

For the White sisters of West High, everything is an opportunity for competition — and a chance to strengthen the bond they say has helped fuel each other’s success.

The sisters have competed with each other and against each other on the Panthers’ basketball, track and softball teams over the past three seasons. Brianna, a senior, has been an all-state guard for the basketball team. Keisha, a junior, was an all-state outfielder last season. Not to be outdone, Brianna won a state title in the 100-meter hurdles last spring.

“There’s a competitive nature there,” Brianna says. “Who can be better than the other one?”

“We have our arguments all the time,” Keisha adds. “My mom sees it. Everyone sees it. We do it on the field sometimes. But at the end of the day, I can come to her and talk about whatever I need to talk about and she can do the same with me.”

The White sisters credit their mother for their strong work ethics and athletic success. Their mother demands at least a 3.8 average each quarter (For each point below that, they will lose their cellphones for a week.) And when it comes to sports, she is there to offer her support.

“With working and our sports, it’s super busy,” Keisha says. “We keep her on the go a lot more than other parents.”

“She honestly doesn’t miss anything,” Brianna adds. “She doesn’t miss a game, she doesn’t miss a meet.”

While they love to compete against each other, the sisters also celebrate each other’s victories — and both shared in the glory of winning the state softball championship last season. As Brianna prepares to graduate this spring, she hopes to be able to win one more title with her sister.

“One last ride. It’s sad to think about. It’s gone by so fast,” she says. “It’s not an experience a lot of people get to have, playing on three different teams with your sister for three years of your high school career.”

West High's Keisha White, left, and Brianna White, right, compete together on the school's basketball, track and softball teams. They hope to repeat this spring as state champs in softball.

Brianna will leave in July for West Point, where she will compete in track and field. Keisha knows her senior year will have a different feel with her sister in New York.

“I know I’m going to push myself,” Keisha says. “But the competition isn’t going to be on that same level. It’s special.”

A year later, Keisha plans to play softball at St. Francis in Pennsylvania.

“Four hours away from me,” Brianna says. “We’re going to see each other every other weekend.”