The Best hair vitamins for faster hair growth

Sponsored: If thinning hair or hair loss is an issue, you may need to take supplements that are aimed at boosting hair health and volume.

(Grooming Playbook) The Best Hair Vitamins for Faster Hair Growth.

We are all looking for ways to better our minds, bodies, and souls in 2023. For men, it is all about the regrowth of their hair and the radiance of their skin. Seeking mental and physical health professionals, engaging in regular exercise and stretching routines, eating a nutritious diet, getting proper restful sleep each night, avoiding smoking and drug use, maintaining positive relationships with family and friends, staying organized, and managing time wisely – these are all important. But if thinning hair or hair loss is an issue, you may need to take supplements that are aimed at boosting hair health and volume.

What are hair vitamins?

An oral supplement gets absorbed into the bloodstream, where it feeds all of the cells, including the hair follicles. Just be aware that vitamins for hair growth function more indirectly. These vitamins are not a miracle drug that will guarantee a full head of hair, but they can help by providing the cells with the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy and prevent hair loss.

According to specialists in the field, having good overall health is important for hair growth, but there are specific nutrients that are crucial for healthy hair. They advise searching for a vitamin for hair growth that includes the following ingredients:

  • Biotin (vitamin B7): Keratin, a protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails, is produced with the aid of this water-soluble vitamin. There may be some overlap with hair growth, even though it primarily aids nail growth.

  • Vitamin C: This vitamin aids in the body’s production of keratin and collagen, two proteins that can strengthen skin at hair roots. Both are crucial for the elasticity, durability and lustre of hair.

  • Zinc: This mineral helps to boost overall immunity.

Causes of hair loss

You are more likely to experience hair loss if your family members do. A genetic condition known as androgenic alopecia causes men to lose their hair over time. This might manifest as thinning patches on the crown of the head or a hairline that is slowly receding.

Hair loss can be brought on by certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases or hormonal issues. For instance, thyroid issues, bacterial infections of the scalp or the hair-pulling disorder trichotillomania can cause bald spots or thinning hair. When the immune system attacks hair follicles, a condition known as alopecia areata (bald patches) develops. The attack leaves smooth bald patches and causes abrupt and rapid hair loss.

Several drugs used to treat conditions like cancer, depression, gout, heart disease and arthritis may cause hair loss as a side effect. Hair loss can also result from ongoing stress or traumatic experiences. Infections that affect the skin and hair on the scalp, such as ringworm, can cause bald patches and scaly patches. Temporary hair loss can be caused by unbalanced hormone levels and hormonal changes. The most likely hormonally related cause of hair loss in men is the thyroid gland.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to think about adding some extra vitamins to maintain the health of your hair. Most significantly, vitamins and minerals are crucial for a variety of biological processes, including the development of new cells like your hair follicles.

Your hair may start to appear dry and lifeless if you are lacking in the vitamins that normally nourish and encourage healthy hair growth. While products like deep conditioner and hair masks can be helpful in the short term, you’ll need to change your diet or take additional vitamins to get any long-term advantages.

Regular haircuts are another excellent way to enhance the health of your hair. Trim it every few weeks even if you’re trying to grow it.

The best hair vitamins for faster hair growth

Vitamin A

For dull hair, vitamin A may be able to achieve two things. First, research indicates that it encourages the cells to produce new hair. Second, vitamin A is known to encourage your scalp’s pores to generate more oil, which can moisturize and add shine to your hair. Sebum, an oily substance that aids in maintaining the health of your hair and scalp, is produced as a result.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another vitamin that has a reputation for encouraging cell renewal. This is accomplished by helping to restore cell tissue, including that found on your scalp. If you have skin issues like dandruff, vitamin E may help to calm your scalp.

By eating more almonds, avocados and sunflower seeds, you can increase the amount of vitamin E in your diet.


Iron is a crucial mineral for a variety of biological processes. Red blood cells are aided in their ability to transport oxygen to your cells, including to the roots of your hair.

You should consume foods rich in iron because it is not readily absorbed by the body. Fatigue and exhaustion or, more seriously, anemia, can result from a diet low in iron. Eat extra eggs, chickpeas, almonds, seeds, brown rice, baked beans, lentils, spinach, broccoli, tofu and dried fruit to accomplish this.

Vitamin C

Did you know that vitamin C can promote hair growth in addition to strengthening your immune system?

This is due to the fact that it helps our bodies produce collagen, which is full of amino acids that strengthen hair follicles. Additionally, vitamin C can aid in the fight against free radicals, which harm your cells and may inhibit hair development by damaging them.

Citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries and peppers are the best food sources of vitamin C.

It is also believed that consuming foods high in vitamin C at the same time as foods high in iron will improve your body’s ability to absorb the iron.


Protein is the primary component of hair. So it makes sense that increasing your protein intake will promote hair development. By including foods like eggs, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, you can increase the amount of protein in your diet.

Top 15 Hair Vitamins for Faster Hair Growth

1. Blu Atlas Hair and Skin Gummies

(Grooming Playbook) Blu Atlas Hair and Skin Gummies.

This stellar product from premium brand Blu Atlas contains biotin, retinol and saw palmetto in its formulation to support the growth of thicker, healthier hair and more radiant skin. Though genes may play a part, there are a number of other factors that can result in thinning hair, including a poor diet, stress and hormonal imbalance. It can be challenging to identify the precise cause of a thinning head of hair. Take the initiative to grow naturally thicker hair by picking up a container of these delightfully flavored gummies today. It is undoubtedly one of the best hair vitamins for faster hair growth.

2. Heavenly Hair Gummies by OLLY

(Olly) Heavenly Hair Gummies.

If you don’t like taking tablets or capsules, a gummy vitamin might be a better choice. Biotin, zinc and herbs are the primary ingredients in OLLY Heavenly Hair Gummies, which may promote hair growth. The gummies contain amla extract, which is derived from a flowering tree in Asia and is thought to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, note that oral use of amla hasn’t been found to have the same effect as topical use in terms of increasing hair density and growth.

Horsetail extract and silica, which are also present in these gummies, may help stop hair loss and thinning, though the evidence for this is not solid. Remember that horsetail can interact with some medications, so you should speak with a doctor before using this supplement.

3. Viviscal Hair Growth Supplement

(Viviscal) Hair Growth Supplement.

There’s a reason why top stylists and A-list celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow use these award-winning skincare tablets: Their all-natural formula, which includes horsetail extract, vitamin C and deep-sea fish proteins, guards against the dry, frayed ends that force you to trim your hair before you want to. The tablets are designed to protect against common issues that can lead to dry, damaged hair, such as frequent shampooing, heat styling and coloring.

This supplement is made entirely of natural ingredients and contains the marine protein complex Amino Marc, which is only found in this product. Biotin and zinc support healthy hair from the inside. Viviscal tablets have been shown to be effective on all hair types and are appropriate for both men and women over the age of 18. Viviscal products were created after significant research, and they are backed by published clinical trials. It is advised to take two supplements daily for three to six months, in the morning and evening, for best results.

4. Healthy Hair Probiotics by Love Wellness

(Love Wellness) Healthy Hair Probiotics.

This supplement supports thicker, longer and shinier hair while assisting in hair shedding reduction. The root causes of hair loss, including stress and hormones, are addressed by this shelf-stable probiotic, which includes components like AnaGainTM Nu, a protein that has undergone clinical testing and stimulates the hair growth cycle while reducing hair loss, as well as vitamins B12 and B6, which support the gut-scalp connection and give you thicker-looking, shinier hair from the inside out.

Your body has a large number of microbiomes, and the ones on your scalp need special attention in the struggle against the toxic, harsh ingredients found in the majority of hair care products. Your hair will benefit when you support your scalp with this excellent hair vitamin.

5. 60-Count Hair BoostTM Capsules by Vital Proteins

(Vital Proteins) 60-Count Hair BoostTM Capsules.

The Hair Boost Capsules from Vital Proteins pamper your locks. Vitamins A, C, E, B6 and B12 are found in capsules to support hair that looks healthier. This product is formulated with ingredients that have been clinically proven to support stronger, healthier-looking hair. The capsules, designed to provide hair with essential vitamins and minerals, are made from natural sources that contain no harsh chemicals or toxins. Organic ashwagandha root extract KSM-66 is included, and all ingredients derived from plants are gluten-free.

6. Tula Hair Gummies

(Tula) Hair Gummies.

This berry blend gummy vitamin contains biotin and folic acid, which support healthy skin and encourage the growth of hair and nails. Probiotics and prebiotics reduce bloating by enhancing the digestive system’s natural balance. This product is made from all-natural, vegan ingredients, and contains no soy or gluten, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives.

Probiotics in this product support digestive health and balance while reducing bloating. This innovative supplement offers an all-natural alternative to conventional medications, allowing users to experience the digestive relief they need without the artificial ingredients found in many products.

7. The NUE Co. Growth Phase

(The NUE Co.) Growth Phase Hair Vitamins.

The Nue Co. created Growth Phase, a dietary supplement with a 90-day clinically proven increase in hair growth, using a 360-degree approach to hair care. When it comes to a healthy hair growth cycle, this daily dose of important vitamins, proteins and adaptogens covers all the bases. To achieve longer, thicker, fuller hair, it is necessary to balance nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, stress reduction and antioxidant defense. By utilizing a holistic approach to hair care, the Nue Co. is establishing the industry standard for hair health.

8. Sugarbear Hair Vitamins

(Sugarbear) Hair Vitamins.

These tiny blue vegan chews have earned the seal of approval from online beauty experts because they contain biotin, folic acid, coconut oil and vitamin C. Just browsing Instagram’s before-and-after photos is enough to make us crave a few of these tiny bears every day. Not only are the results of using these chews impressive, but their delicious raspberry and pomegranate flavors also make them hard to resist.

9. HAIRFINITY Healthy Hair Vitamins

(The NUE Co.) Growth Phase Hair Vitamins.

These supplements, which aim to complement your regular diet and give your body extra nutrients for healthy hair, have received rave reviews from over 10,000 Amazon customers. A combination of vitamins and MSM are included in these supplements, which foster the ideal conditions for healthy hair growth. More goes into maintaining healthy hair than just how you style, condition and clean it.

Excellent health leads to great hair. Because of this, Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins are made to nourish deeply from within. The vitamins are made with a proprietary Capilsana Complex® blend and are designed with megadoses of the nutrients that hair needs. These vitamins are fortified with the essential nutrients for hair health, such as biotin, vitamins A and C, and iron.

10. OUAI Thick and Full Supplements

(OUAI) Thick and Full Supplements.

OUAI’s popular Thick and Full Hair supplements are taken once daily with food and water for results that can be seen in as little as 60 days. With beauty-enhancing components like biotin and pea shoot extract that support thicker, fuller looking strands, this vegan daily supplement supports healthy hair. OUAI’s thick and full hair supplements also provide essential nutrients like vitamins B3, C, D and E, and zinc. Together, these vitamins and minerals work to nourish and protect the scalp, improve scalp circulation, enhance hair strength and elasticity, and promote shiny, healthy-looking hair.

11. Nature’s Bounty Biotin

(Nature’s Bounty) Biotin, Supports healthy hair, skin, and nails.

There is a good reason why this B vitamin is a component of many different hair supplements. The water-soluble vitamin biotin promotes the growth of hair, skin and nails by aiding in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates. If you’re running low, you might notice that your hair is frail or starting to fall out. The vitamin will likely accelerate hair growth, but it won’t thicken it, according to the experts. Even so, it is a good starting point because it is much less expensive than most other supplements. Taking a biotin supplement such as Nature’s Bounty Biotin can be an excellent start for people looking to nourish their hair from the inside out.

12. Hum Hair Sweet Hair Vegan Gummies

(Hum) Hair Sweet Hair Vegan Gummies.

These adorable little chews contain folic acid, biotin, zinc, B12 and PABA. PABA is a compound that may aid in darkening gray hair. One Sephora customer wrote: “I’m a highly skeptical person, but I took these gummies for a month, and there’s been an obvious improvement to my hair… The first thing I noticed was how quickly my hair was growing longer than usual.” We recommend these for those who have reached middle age and are starting to notice thinning hair.

13. Nature’s Bounty: Skin, Hair, and Nails

(Nature’s Bounty) Skin, Hair, and Nails Gummies.

Most large grocery chains, as well as retail establishments like Walmart, carry Nature’s Bounty products. The readily available and affordable brand is a perennially popular option. Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E, as well as thiamin, riboflavin, folate, biotin, pantothenic acid, iron, zinc, selenium, manganese, argan oil, para-aminobenzoic acid, choline bitartrate, alpha-lipoic acid, equisetum arvense, hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid, are included in Nature’s Bounty. Hyaluronic acid fights wrinkles and other signs of aging skin, while vitamins A, C and E promote healthy skin, hair and nails. This Nature’s Bounty multivitamin contains vitamins and minerals that range from 17% (iron) to 16,667% (biotin) of your recommended daily value.

14. Nutrafol Men

(Nutrafol) Men.

Nutrafol is a relatively new hair vitamin company. Women’s postpartum, men’s balance, and women’s hair vitamins are all available from Nutrafol. Vitamins A, C and D are all present in Nutrafol Men bottles, along with biotin, iodine, zinc and selenium. There are also 575 mg of Nutrafol Blend and 1,720 mg of Nutrafol’s Synergen Complex, which contains collagen, fruit extract, palm extract and hyaluronic acid. Root and fruit extracts are included in the Nutrafol Blend. The capsules are free of dairy and gluten. The Nutrafol Men capsules are designed to support healthy hair growth, and both the Blend and the Synergen Complex contain important ingredients that have been proven to do just that.

15. Nutrafol Women

(Nutrafol) Women.

Nutrafol considers women’s hormones, stress, lifestyle, metabolism, nutrition and aging when developing vitamins. It is aware of how much stress women’s hair can go through. Nutrafol offers vitamins for postpartum women in addition to vitamins for women who struggle with hair loss. Vitamins A, C and D are all present in Nutrafol bottles, along with biotin, iodine, zinc and selenium. There are also 530 mg of Nutrafol Blend and 1,680 mg of Nutrafol’s Synergen Complex. More vitamin C is present in the women’s vitamins than in the men’s, but there are fewer milligrams of the Synergen Complex and Nutrafol Blend. In addition to having more keratin in the Nutrafol Blend, the women’s Synergen Complex has more collagen than the men’s.

How hair loss differs in men and women

Although men’s and women’s hair needs the same vitamins, men’s hair loss and thinning have different causes. Male pattern baldness has a genetic and hormonal component. Furthermore, male pattern baldness and vitamin D deficiency are related, according to recent research. While soluble keratin, kelp, horsetail root extract and antioxidants are frequently found in hair supplements for men with male pattern baldness, more research is still being done on how these ingredients affect hair. Vitamin D and calcium, two key nutrients found in hair supplements, have been linked to the regulation of hormones in men that are associated with male pattern baldness.

Rosemary essential oil

Due to its capacity to enhance cellular formation, rosemary oil is a fantastic option if you want to promote both hair thickness and hair growth. One study found that rosemary oil outperformed the conventional hair growth medication minoxidil while causing less itchiness on the scalp.

Apply a few drops of rosemary oil to your scalp after combining it with coconut or olive oil. Before rinsing it out with shampoo, give it at least 10 minutes to soak. To get the best effects, do this twice per week.

Medication to take

Minoxidil is sold over the counter in liquid, foam and shampoo forms. Use the product on the scalp twice a day for men and once a day for women for the best results. Many people who use products containing minoxidil discover that they can either stop or slow down their hair loss. Treatment must last at least six months in order to halt further hair loss and start hair regrowth.

It might take a few more months to determine whether the treatment is successful for you. Even if the medication is working, you must take it consistently to maintain its benefits. Some people experience scalp itchiness and unwelcome hair growth on the surrounding skin.

Finasteride is recommended for male patients. Many men taking finasteride see a reduction in hair loss, and some even see new hair growth. It might take a few months to determine if it works for you. To keep enjoying its advantages, you must keep taking it, though it is important to note that it may not be as effective for men over the age of 60. Finasteride’s rare side effects include decreased sexual desire and function as well as an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Handling broken or crushed pills should be avoided by women who are pregnant or could become pregnant. Therefore, it is important for men to consult their doctors before taking finasteride, and to carefully follow the dosage and frequency of the medication prescribed.


Vitamins do not offer a magic cure for every hair issue. They won’t make your hair look different overnight. However, some vitamins can lessen the brittleness or hair thinning that comes with aging or hormonal changes. Taking vitamins can help support healthy hair growth over time, as they can nourish your scalp and ensure the right nutrients are getting to your follicles.

Maintaining a nutritious diet is crucial if you want strong, luscious locks. In reality, there is little evidence that hair vitamins and supplements encourage hair growth in otherwise healthy individuals. However, some nutrient deficiencies have been linked to hair loss. In these situations, a supplement might be advantageous. Hair loss may be exacerbated by nutrient deficiencies, including those in some B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, iron and zinc, so look for gummies with those ingredients.