Move Over California, the 2022 Utah Wine Festival Showcases Utah-Made Wines—And They’re Exceptionally Good

Sponsored: I/G Winery created the Utah Wine Festival to connect people with the growing Utah wine scene. In its fourth year, the festival brought back patrons’ favorite events while adding three more!

(I/G Winery) | The Utah Wine Festival.

The Utah Wine Festival is being held Sept. 2-4 in Cedar City, Utah, with tickets going on sale July 1. This exciting three-day wine and culinary event will bring together some of the finest wines and top chefs in the state, delivering a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience wine lovers don’t want to miss.

With a great passion for wine, the Utah Wine Festival was created by winemaker and owner of I/G Winery, Doug McCombs, as a delightful way to introduce locals and non-locals alike to the growing wine scene in Utah—to create and nurture an intimate connection between wine aficionados and novices and the incredible vineyards and wineries in the Beehive State, as well as their delicious, award-winning wine offerings.

(I/G Winery) | The Utah Wine Festival.

Now in its fourth year, this world-class event will showcase Utah-based wineries from all over the state and feature exquisite culinary creations from some of the top chefs in southern Utah, including Chef Jeff Crosland, known for popularizing his gourmet, remote pop-up dining experiences; Chef Sara Patterson, owner of Red Acre Farm, who will be bringing a farm-to-table experience to guests; and owners of Cedar City’s Pastry Pub, Chefs, Cole Chiaramonte and Alex Wiesen, as the duo create an immersive, open-air dining experience for guests on Center Street.

Jaden Reardon is the event organizer for the Utah Wine Festival. According to Reardon, the reason I/G Winery created the festival is because they realized there was a huge disconnect between what Utah was producing as far as wine, and what people thought Utah was capable of.

Reardon said that contrary to popular belief, local wine lovers don’t have to travel all the way to California or other places generally known for wine because Utah boasts an enviable wine scene that’s growing every day, and it’s right in our own backyard. “We created the festival to show people there are vineyards and wineries here that are producing some award-winning wines,” said Reardon.

I/G Winery’s main goal is to support the wine industry and wineries throughout the state, and one way they are demonstrating that mission is by participating as a vendor at the Salt City Wine & Dine event where they will be showcasing their collection of dry and fruit-forward wines, which source grapes from Washington, Oregon, California and Utah.

(I/G Winery) | The Utah Wine Festival.

10 exclusive wine and culinary events over three days

Last year’s festival was a huge success with about 500 people attending seven events, including the Annual Wine Competition, the Picnic in the Vineyard, and the Grand Dinner. This year, three additional events were added to the festival calendar to delight guests with the awe-inspiring and dramatic landscape of southern Utah as the backdrop.

Of the 10 events spread out over three days, this year’s newest additions include Epicurean’s On The Edge, which will take place on top of Cedar Mountain and feature a gourmet meal paired with two local Utah wines, and Culinary and Carbonic at the Water Canyon Winery in Hilldale, Utah. With this event, patrons will take in the views of the winery’s on-site vineyard while enjoying its carbonic-style wines, and sampling foods from five exceptionally talented chefs. To top off the festivities, patrons can unwind at the Spirits & Cigars Under the Stars event held in I/G Winery’s backyard.

The majority of the festival events will be held in beautiful Cedar City, Utah, including the Terroir to Table Dinner hosted by Red Acre Farm, and the Flights and Bites event hosted by the Farmer’s Market. Five additional events will be held in downtown Cedar City, including the Spirits of Utah, Spirits & Cigars Under the Stars, the Wine Competition, and the Grand Dinner on Center Street.

(I/G Winery) | The Utah Wine Festival.

Utah Wine Festival’s events are small and intimate…intentionally

The Utah Wine Festival located in southern Utah is a collection of exceptional events like no other, and guests can pick and choose which ones to attend. One of the unique features of the Utah Wine Festival that patrons from previous years expressed appreciation for was how small these events are, creating a stress-free, enjoyable experience.

To continue this appreciation, most of the festival’s events are capped at 50 guests. This way, patrons can enjoy connecting with educators and judges in an intimate setting, creating a more personalized experience. In the Utah Wine Festival’s quest to deliver a relaxing atmosphere for guests, individuals are kindly encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as possible. Each event has limited space available, so don’t miss this exciting opportunity.

For those who have an appreciation for wine and are interested in supporting the wine industry in Utah, a great way to show their support is through sponsorship of the Utah Wine Festival. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities available, click here. For information about the 2022 Utah Wine Festival and to purchase tickets, you can visit the website. Tickets go on sale July 1.