Who can you trust?

We now live in an environment where it can be tough to separate reliable information from deliberately misleading or false stories. We’re bombarded with millions of sources of information everyday, from news websites to videos to social media platforms.

It’s up to consumers to decide which news sources are trustworthy and which are not. And increasingly, that’s not easy.

To help parents, teachers, students — all of us, really — understand how journalism works and why it’s important to the way we live and govern ourselves, The Salt Lake Tribune has prepared a couple of resources for you to use:

  • A downloadable PDF illustrating the reporting process.
  • And a 2-minute video explaining how news is different from gossip and rumors.
  • We’ll be adding to this page as new research and resources become available.

    We also have reporters and editors ready and willing to visit classrooms, clubs or other groups throughout Utah to talk about how we do what we do. To schedule a visitor, email Jennifer Napier-Pearce, editor, at jnpearce@sltrib.com.

    Learning how to tell the difference between fake news and real journalism is crucial for our democracy. Let us know how we can help.