Letter: Marjorie Taylor Greene is an embarrassment. Dr. Fauci does not deserve her disrespect.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, darling of the MAGA minions, is a loose cannon.

At a hearing of the House Oversight Select Subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic she castigated Anthony Fauci, the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, for his behavior during the epidemic.

Some of her outrageous comments were:

“You know what this committee should be doing? We should be writing a criminal referral because you should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.”

“Mr. Fauci. You are not a doctor.”

“That man does not deserve a license. In fact, it should be revoked and he belongs in prison.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is an embarrassment to the House of Representatives. Dr. Fauci does not deserve her disrespect. Her comments foment the threats to his family that he has suffered.

Louis Borgenicht, Salt Lake City

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