Letter: Worried about deficits and debts? Then you can’t rule out tax increases or block better enforcement of tax laws

(Damon Winter | The New York Times ) A multiple exposure photo shows the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Jan. 23, 2023.

Once again the Republicans in Congress have taken the national economy hostage, claiming deficit and debt concerns. Once again they are putting the jobs, businesses,and retirement accounts of average Americans at risk. Once again they are gaslighting their constituents.

Republicans often compare the national budget to a family budget. If this were an accurate analogy I would ask them, what kind of family refuses to raise their income when their budget falls short? Obviously, no sane family does, they consider taking a second job or increasing work hours to backfill the income gap. For all their claimed debt worries however, congressional Republicans are refusing to consider raising government revenues.

The GOP doesn’t threaten to default when they hold the White House, even after they blow a huge hole in the budget with tax cuts, even after they pass massive spending increases, the increases on which they now threaten to default.

Obviously, their newfound concerns are really based on politics and political philosophy. The politics are simple; spiking the economy helps their election prospects in ‘24. They’d like to hide their philosophical goals, but as President Joe Biden has said, “Show me your budget and I’ll tell you your values.”

Republicans want to end government spending on climate change, they want to reduce Medicaid insurance for poor Americans, they want to reduce food stamps for poor Americans. They want to reduce spending on service member pay, grants for schools serving low income students, rental assistance to poor and disabled, money for cancer research. You can find their budget here (at pbs.org).

I say, if you are really worried about deficits and debts then you can’t rule out tax increases and you can’t block better enforcement of tax laws. If you aren’t willing to do so, your budget worries are bogus.

John Griswold, Millcreek

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