Letter: “Thank you,” Utah Legislature, for sending our state several steps backward

House Speaker Brad Wilson, R-Kaysville, adjourns the Utah Legislature from the House chambers at the Utah State Capitol, late Friday, March 3, 2023, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The legislative session is over, for which I am thankful. It will be another year before they can take away even more of our freedoms.

We now have the privilege of our tax dollars paying for children to be able to go to an unaccredited, unlicensed school, taught (potentially) by individuals with no teacher training, no licensing or certification to teach. And that is just the beginning.

Women in the state of Utah do not have the right to their own personal health care — it is being determined and legislated by our Legislature.

Then there are our transgender siblings whom you have decided have absolutely no right to health care to help them become the best people that they can be (ignoring what the medical community has said). The suicide rate is already high for transgender folks and now the Legislature has enacted laws to make this rate even higher.

And, in addition, this Legislature would not remove the sales tax on food but rather wants a constitutional change to allow even less funds to go to public education before they would give assistance to help low income families.

So, “thank you,” Legislature, for sending Utah several steps backward — soon we will be a state where our children won’t have an education that allows them to compete in a global marketplace, where women are chattel and won’t have a vote and only the elite will be able to own a home.

Good job!

Marion Lennberg, Millcreek

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