Letter: A full day of classes seems to be a rarity these days in the Canyons School District

(Francisco Kjolseth | Tribune file photo) The first day classes for the Canyons School District on Monday, August 24, 2020.

In the two weeks since Presidents Day — thanks to snow days, parent teacher conference, early-out days, and “virtual learning”— Canyons School District has held a full day of classes only four times.

The trend continued with March 6 being another “virtual learning day,” for some reason, which school officials will tell you is a reasonable substitute for an actual day of school.

Though I believe you’d be hard pressed to find any parents of school children who would agree the quality or quantity of education is proportionate.

With spring break just a few more weeks away, and another “virtual learning day” between now and then, I can’t help but wonder if CSD understands that not all families have the luxury of a parent or guardian being available every time they decide to “pivot” to keeping kids home. Perhaps they simply don’t care, but let’s not pretend the students’ education isn’t suffering as a result.

Also, while the anti-public education radicals in charge continue to diminish the importance and impact of actual teachers, through computer apps and the oversight of frustrated parents who are not trained educators, one might notice the property taxes in CSD have taken a pretty sharp increase for 2023.

Since I know teachers are not seeing any kind of serious wage adjustment from that, I assume it’s going into the pockets of some legislative crony who sells educational software to the schools.

I guess this is what we call “The Utah Way.”

Matt Palmer, Sandy

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