Letter: America’s primary election process is what enables right wing fanatics to dominate

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Becky Edwards, Sen. Mike Lee, and Ally Isom at the Republican Senate primary debate in Draper on Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

Is Trump all washed up, through, down and out? Not necessarily. The basic dynamic that keeps coming up is that Donald Trump commands the most powerful minority of the Republican Party. His base aren’t a majority, but they keep Trumping all the other Republicans. There are Republicans who aren’t Trump enablers, but none of them can round up more than 30 or so percent of a primary vote.

Becky Edwards, for example, who ran against Mike Lee in the Utah Senate race of 2022, got about 30% of Republicans’ votes in the primary. The primary is where it’s at, you see. Here is where our radical right wing fanatic lunatic Republican gets picked over a practical minded problem solving old school Republican. The radical right winger doesn’t have a majority but he’s the most powerful of the minority within today’s Republican Party.

I keep telling people. The primary is more important than the general election. It’s by our primary election process that the USA is trying like hell to head down the road to fascism.

Charles Ashurst, Logan

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