Letter: My “thoughts and prayers”: May we finally wake up and pass restrictive gun laws

(Joanna Kulesza | The New York Times) A makeshift memorial stands in front of Club Q, where a mass shooting on Saturday night left five people dead and 18 people injured, in Colorado Springs, Colo. on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022.

I, like most Americans and those around the world, am thinking about the deep sadness surrounding yet two more mass shootings this week. Although there is no clear consensus as to what defines a mass shooting, the Gun Violence Archive has recorded 606 mass shootings this year. This doesn’t even include all the gun violence associated with suicide, domestic violence and gang violence.

I understand the argument of those who believe it is their Second Amendment right to own a gun. I am not arguing that. What I wonder is what about my rights to go to a store, a bar, a school, or even to be in public. We all have friends with guns and I don’t want your guns taken away if you are responsible. I just wonder about my and others’ rights to live safely. My “thoughts and prayers” are that we will finally wake up and pass restrictive gun laws, including banning assault weapons, creating national background checks, increasing the age to buy weapons and other suggestions presented by organizations working to prevent gun violence.

Maggie Laun, Millcreek

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