Letter: Canal extensions into Great Salt Lake, like US Magnesium’s, should be allowed

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) The US Magnesium dike north of Stansbury Island on Saturday, March 26, 2022.

US Magnesium has requested permission to extend their canal out into the remaining water of the Great Salt Lake. I have read that their request either has been or will be denied because the authorities fear it would further deplete the lake. That’s nonsense, not a science-based decision and should be rescinded, allowing all of the several companies that “mine” the lake’s minerals canal extensions.

Science fact: the lake’s water naturally evaporates wherever it is exposed to the sun and air. The lake’s water contains dissolved minerals like sodium chloride – which we all know as salt!

Minerals, including the salt that’s used for melting the ice and snow from our roads and highways, are obtained using this natural evaporation from constructed containment “ponds.” Lake water flows into ponds via canals constructed through the mud flats from the “shore” – wherever it is – out into the remaining lake water.

One result from denying canal extensions is the loss of revenue to the state.

Tod Young, Granite

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