Letter: Is it any wonder that Utah’s liquor laws are an embarrassing joke?

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Utah's state-run liquor store in Cottonwood Heights at 1863 E. Fort Union Blvd.

Kudos to Steve Russell for speaking aloud what is surely on most everyone’s mind. Like Russell, I also am a senior citizen, and accordingly, look every day of it. I understand the need to prevent underage drinking, but demanding ID from every living soul is over the top. I have had repeated near-fistfights with one particular manager who takes himself far too seriously, yelling over a store full of customers that if I don’t like DABS’s policies, shop elsewhere. Um, really?

I now reluctantly comply, however politely explain up front that in this day and age, I am not fond of anyone “scanning” anything of mine, and to please just read the date. 98% respect my wishes and happily do so. The other 2%? One overzealous cashier ripped my ID from my hand, scanned it anyway, and refused to return it until after delivering a condescending 30 second tirade informing me that Big Brother already had all my information anyway.

With zero restaurants, zero supermarkets, and only half the DABS outlets asking me at all, I really must wonder what’s going on here with the rest. With 54 years of corporate management under my belt, I can comfortably advise that harassment, intimidation, and treating customers like cattle is not the answer. Is it any wonder that our liquor laws are an embarrassing joke? Lose the iron glove and the egos. Enough is enough. Evanston and Wendover, here we come.

Lon Wray, West Valley City

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